Why happy in a nutshell?

This is happy in a nutshell, a monthly newsletter to inspire a happier life - by sharing learnings on human nature that have impacted me, from a wide range of book genres (i.e., leadership, personal growth, memoirs, spirituality, entrepreneurship, psychology...). insights in a quick-read.

This idea came to me (perhaps not surprisingly…) during my covid isolation this past holiday. Going through all the books I read in 2021, I was hoping to find a better way to keep track of learnings and insights from inspiring readings that impacted my life. Not summaries… more of a brief answer to “what are the couple things that I enjoyed learning or re-learning, which might help me most lead a happier more purposeful life?”. This newsletter helps achieve this and is also a way to share with others who might enjoy the insights, in the objective of helping each other when we can :) . Its format, inspired by James Clear (author of Atomic Habits), consists of 3 concepts, 2 excerpts, and 1 question per book, and will cover a wide genre of books and both famous, and less famous ones. In our super busy lives, we are often looking for efficient ways of learning - hoping this could be one for you.

In my previous blog many years ago, I mostly wrote about physics - this newsletter instead focuses on another passion topic of mine, human nature, in all its forms and beauty (i.e., leadership, purpose, psychology, personal growth, entrepreneurialism, management, spirituality, coaching, relationships etc.).

If we have some overlapping interests - and my feeling is that we do :) - this newsletter will hopefully bring you insights and thoughts from inspiring books and authors - all through a very quick read.

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Thank you for joining me on this happy journey,

With love, Vanessa

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Vanessa Chehlawi
Engineer Physicist by education. Leadership Advisor by career. Curious at heart... on human nature, leadership, psychology, personal growth, spirituality, relationships, physics & sciences, entrepreneurialism and more... Books are my happy place :)